Providing Social Media Consulting and Social Media Services for Schools, Administrators & the Community

We provide awareness training, consulting services and subsequent investigations to both private and public schools, board of education entities and parent associations. There is an emphasis on social issues regarding Internet safety and internet technologies affecting children and minors. We formulate identifying data that could be evidence of a potential crime. In addition, we consult and educate individuals on current recommended and advanced setting to enhance security measures relevant to cell phones, computers and social networking sites.

  • The roles of the schools, administrators, school counselors, students and parents in addressing cyber bullying.
  • Age appropriate presentations to school students and faculty.
  • Enhance current parent interaction with educational presentations in a town hall setting.
  • Assist with investigations relevant to preventative and incident preparedness to both Cyber bullying, sexting and other relevant internet crimes against children.
  • Facilitate communication between the school and local law enforcement/school resource officers to bridge the gap on subsequent investigations.
  • Enhanced background investigations to include review of social media information.
  • Detail the current laws, federal and state that are applicable and should be explored.
  • What are the common technologies involved in such cases and what are the recommended setting and protocols.
  • Identifying gaps in current school policies relevant to current anti cyber bullying efforts.
  • Identifying and review the proper evidence gathering protocol for responders to follow within the current policy.
  • Review current investigative protocol of the identified “cyber bullying” expert and team approach.

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