Child Advocate Services


Investigating, interviewing & monitoring criminal activity involving children needs to be best treated with kid gloves.  No pun intended.  There are child advocacy issues on the forefront of every situation.   There are kids counseling best practices to minimize trauma endured by children.  Finally, there are specific skills best utilized when it comes to investigating technology crimes and children.

Without A Trace Investigations employees the unique skill sets to best manage the task of dealing with crimes involving children & technology.  Combining these skills and experiences allow us to provide both child advocate services and strong investigative and crime solving skills.

Staff credentials include:

  • Law enforcement Officer & Detective
  • Masters in Counseling & NJ State Counseling Certification
  • Traumatic Incident Debriefing & Statewide Crisis Team
  • Peer Counseling, Conflict Mediation & Project Graduation
  • Basic Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations
  • Fraud & Forensic Investigations Training/White Collar Crime Investigations
  • American Bar Association, White Collar Crime Summit
  • ICSA – Network Security Administration/Engineer Certification
  • Computer Forensic Analysis & Investigations, Encase Certification
  • Basic Data Recovery & Analysis Certification United States Department of Justice & National White Collar Crime Center

Armed with this knowledge Without A Trace Investigations has worked on numerous cases involving cyber crime, cyber bullying, texting & identity theft.  Read our Case Histories for examples.

Child Advocate Services

  • As an independent third party hired by parents, attorneys, school administrations & law enforcement agencies, our responosibilities are to gather information while keeping the childs well being and interests as a top priority.  These child advocacy services specifically bridge investigative services and children and highlight our distinct specialties.

Counseling Techniques with Children

  • A child in the throws of an investigation in which they are directly involved can be extremely traumatic.  The knowledge and sensitiviy of the adults they are communicating with can have a definitive effect on how they deal and recover from the trauma.  There is a huge advantage for the child to be communicating with and questioned by a trained child/school counselor.

Techniques Used:

  • Defining their World – discussing from their vantage point in their language
  • Sharing their World – via role planing can be effective and revealing
  • Showing their World – simple art therapy is a comfortable avenue for many children

Interviewing Techniques with Children

We are hired independently to interview children to aid in the informational process of an investigation.  Both parents and children sign an agreement that indicates the information is confidential and only if they allow it may we share with law enforcement and testify on the findings.   As consultants we perform a due dillegence review of all the information and perform informational sharing session to gain further knowledge of the case.

Goals of every interview:

  • Factual Reporting or protecting against memory influences
  • Making sure children receive the proper assistance to report a crime
  • Assuring age and maturation differences are accounted for

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